Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Fixated

 It rained today. So I got projects done:
took out the old sweater I was using to fill this vintage pillowcase and replaced it with cotton,

got back to work on the unicorn,

wore stripes on stripes for motivation,

got a skirt underway (inspiration),

Cleaned out some bottles to prep for the next brew and fondly gazed upon my green onion sproutlings.

It's only 11am.
I feel I've earned an episode of the X-files.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pixie Cut Problems

Sometimes I feel my hair makes me look like a less fantastical and pop-culturally manipulative version of Andy Warhol...and not in a good way...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Nuclear Sun Tan

This weekend was full of conversations about travel and motorcycles, building double decker hammocks, and kabobs that match girls nail polish. The weather was impeccable. It made me want to complain about having to go back to work on Monday. It also stopped me from being the total downer at the party who complains about having to go back to work on Monday. If only I had gotten certified as a lifeguard when I was fifteen... I could be yelling at kids through a megaphone, wearing unflattering red sports bras outside all day instead of sitting in a fluorescent basement polling the nation about their opinion on solar energy while failing at Sudoku...

 Sample conversation:
 Me: "And would your rather have a nuclear power plant or a P.V. solar facility?"
Him: "Don't even get me started on nuclear! You know, France is 80% nuclear and they still have the best wine."
Me: "So...would you rather have a nuclear power plant or a P.V. solar facility?"

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Follow Me, Follow You

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Something Everyone Has: Friday

It seems like everyone has a "Favorites Things Friday" on their blog. 
I will not argue with the tradition. 
It's relatively quick (if you can avoid getting led down the suck hole that is The Internet),
it provides the reader with a quick entertaining list of items that may lead them to hours more of interesting items (therein allowing the writer of the blog to act as Kharon, leading the lost souls of her readers down to the darkest depths of the 5th dimension a.k.a The Digital Dimension), etc...
In the end, 
it acts as a whirlpool.
Soft, soothing, suction-y.
Go ahead.
Feel free to become suctioned down my whirlpool of tastefully curated internet fodder...

Variation on a classic

 In middle school I went to a Charter school that had red polo shirts as a part of their uniforms

At the top of my Christmas wish list

Smart way to spruce up champagne, because we all know it's just not fancy's essentially gutter swill

Ways to break my vegan resolve

Summer goal (well, that or, try to fit as many pop culture references into one breath of words as possible)

Absolutely LOVE this shoot of Emma Stone

My mother's relentless about my veganism...just the way she should be

and now,
to the weekend!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pixie Bowl Dust Cut

Just three girls, sitting on various sofas and love seats and the kind of tiny leather chairs that toddlers sit in when they have some big business to attend to, staring at a gleaming pair of Fiskars scissors crouching on the center coffee table on an old Anthropologie catalogue, passing around a soup bowl full of lemoncello until they are ready to braid up and whimper through the cutting of the plait. 

Pixie cuts were made for late night trouble making. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Quick Notes on Gleaning

I went gleaning last week with my mother and sister-in-law.
Yes, gleaning. Talk about an interesting scene.
Here are some things observed and learned:
  • Gleaning is when a group of people go around to area businesses and ask for the food they are going to throw out and then the gleaners compile all of their treasures and people pay $5 to take as much as they want
  • that $5 is then reinvested into things like milk and meat and that is redistributed evenly among the people who glean
  • the trailer that this event takes place in smells like warm bodies and hand sanitizer
  • You really have to check for mold
  • The people who run it require a 16 hour a month volunteer commitment from members
  • I got a carton of rice milk, some sweet potatoes, oyster mushrooms, and two loaves of bread
  • There was some serious kick-back from a lot of the people we told. My hus-bland was convinced that this type of thing was rife with a seedy underbelly. What 'ev's duder, just get over it and eat that fancy bread I was able to get for less than a quarter...
Overall, I'm a fan. That kind of resourcefulness, anti-waste, and community oriented mentality is one that I love  and is worth promoting, I think. Recycling should be viewed from all angles.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cinnamon Coffee

I don't normally take anything in my coffee, even if the coffee is over-poweringly bitter. You know how it gets that harsh citrus bite. It is a betrayal to add anything. 

Besides, it was engrained in me by my eldest soul sister to never drink my calories. 

They only time it is acceptable to add an accompanying liquid (my choices are always either almond or coconut milk-unsweetened) would be when the grounds have been mixed with cinnamon before set to steep. It doesn't take much, just about two or so teaspoons per pot of coffee to get this heady, spicy tone into your cup. It's instant Christmas. It's instant rain camping. It's instant being read to as you fall asleep. Whatever cliche you need, it'll evoke it. Don't be ashamed. 

It sets the tone for a rainy day.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Leisure Wear Super Cruise Fun Tyme

Jumpsuits are an inevitable failure.
Most of the time.
In general, if they feature any sort of elastic waistband, you run a huge risk of having multiple strangers ask you when you are due.
In general, if they are made of spandex, you run a huge risk of having the visible V and ankle length flared floods.
In general, they give you genie legs.
However, I still love them and I have been fortunate enough to have two in my life that are absolutely stupid great.
Exhibit A:
I made this jumpsuit for my husband and mine's first anniversary.
It featured an unintentional crooked back zip and a tasteful amount of side boob. 
Which is the best kind of boob.

Exhibit B:
This is Kitty Meow Meow out on the town for Ja'mie's bachelorette. 
I spent 3/5ths of a months rent on this pup at Anthro. It makes me feel like a sassy octogenarian out on the town during cruise wear season. Ziggy Stardust would have wanted it that way.

I'm sure. 

Venus and the Sun are getting together tomorrow.