Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Stupid Stupid Poem About Moping Because I'm Bad At Things And Would Like To Eat Ice Cream.

this is a picture of goat blood with all the rbc's removed.
please be interested.

Poetry is the worst.
As is Jazz.
As is performance art.
As is my incapacity to fully grasp or distinguish between the three.

Theoretical physics is for nerds.
As is rash guards.
As is the Halo Game Kingdom.
As is my uni-monthly brain fog.

Box fans is the airiest.
As is chiffon.
As is the wind
(at least, most wind excluding the wind that sits next to the ocean or in the bowels of the steam laden midwest and east coast and rainforest and geriatric Florida).
As is my ability to do anything. 

I guess I'll take a nap.

I'm bad a writing.
I will probably be bad at taking the MCAT's. 
I'm not very confident on a bike. 

I wish I wasn't juice detoxing right now. 
That's enough of my vomit. 

I'm sorry for it.

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