Thursday, May 2, 2013

First Step: Pregnant Vegan Nutrition

Now that I'm (essentially) over the freaking out phase I need to get my nutrition in order:
I've already been taking iron, B-12, biotin, and a prenatal so I'm in pretty good shape when it comes to my supplements. 
The next step involved upping my protein to around 80 grams per day (I do that with smoothies and lots of tofu)
cutting out artificial sweeteners and colors
lowering my sugar intake (I've got a mean sweet tooth, like the kind that will eat two boxes of Oreos on a friday night)
and adding in more leafy greens (kale, chard, spinach, mustard greens) for the folate and iron

So far, so good. I'm feeling great, the protein is probably the hardest thing to get in. I've never really kept track of it before. 

As far as exercise goes, I'm sticking with the "exert yourself only so that you can still hold a conversation"
which, frankly, I don't mind. 
It's nice to have an excuse to take it a bit easier and I've been enjoying my leisurely jogs now that spring flowers are making their way out of the ground. 

So far, no symptoms. But I realize that it's early on in the game. 

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