Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Pregnancy Project

So, I impulse bought Tracy Anderson's Pregnancy Project DVD's last week. 
Basically the run down is this:

-9 DVD's for 9 months
-no cardio, muscular structure work (AKA confusing pilates)
-she has a soothing voice and is pregnant WITH YOU not AT YOU (that was an attempt at a joke, I can't believe I'm already making mom jokes)

Early Review:
So, I'm doing month one, and it's very easy. I know you're not supposed to push yourself during pregnancy, but it's crazy how easy this is. 
I will say that her free standing arm workouts are a bit challenging. I've always preferred to work my legs over any other body part so it's nice that she focuses on that. 
It incorporates some ballet barre moves and some light weights (read 3 LBS).

For how low-key it is, I am enjoying it though. The 30 minutes goes by quickly and I'm sure as I progress and my body begins to change the workouts will feel more my speed. 
For now I'm just continuing to run and do pilates in addition to The Pregnancy Project. 

I think this is a perfect workout for those days when you are feeling exhausted and want something that still moves you, or it's perfect for the girls out there who want to exercise through their pregnancies but didn't really work out before. I think this is an excellent option for the casual fitness crowd.

On a side note, here's an interesting article in the NYtimes about exercise and its effect on the fetal heart

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