Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cinnamon Coffee

I don't normally take anything in my coffee, even if the coffee is over-poweringly bitter. You know how it gets that harsh citrus bite. It is a betrayal to add anything. 

Besides, it was engrained in me by my eldest soul sister to never drink my calories. 

They only time it is acceptable to add an accompanying liquid (my choices are always either almond or coconut milk-unsweetened) would be when the grounds have been mixed with cinnamon before set to steep. It doesn't take much, just about two or so teaspoons per pot of coffee to get this heady, spicy tone into your cup. It's instant Christmas. It's instant rain camping. It's instant being read to as you fall asleep. Whatever cliche you need, it'll evoke it. Don't be ashamed. 

It sets the tone for a rainy day.

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