Monday, June 4, 2012

Leisure Wear Super Cruise Fun Tyme

Jumpsuits are an inevitable failure.
Most of the time.
In general, if they feature any sort of elastic waistband, you run a huge risk of having multiple strangers ask you when you are due.
In general, if they are made of spandex, you run a huge risk of having the visible V and ankle length flared floods.
In general, they give you genie legs.
However, I still love them and I have been fortunate enough to have two in my life that are absolutely stupid great.
Exhibit A:
I made this jumpsuit for my husband and mine's first anniversary.
It featured an unintentional crooked back zip and a tasteful amount of side boob. 
Which is the best kind of boob.

Exhibit B:
This is Kitty Meow Meow out on the town for Ja'mie's bachelorette. 
I spent 3/5ths of a months rent on this pup at Anthro. It makes me feel like a sassy octogenarian out on the town during cruise wear season. Ziggy Stardust would have wanted it that way.

I'm sure. 

Venus and the Sun are getting together tomorrow.

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