Sunday, June 17, 2012

Quick Notes on Gleaning

I went gleaning last week with my mother and sister-in-law.
Yes, gleaning. Talk about an interesting scene.
Here are some things observed and learned:
  • Gleaning is when a group of people go around to area businesses and ask for the food they are going to throw out and then the gleaners compile all of their treasures and people pay $5 to take as much as they want
  • that $5 is then reinvested into things like milk and meat and that is redistributed evenly among the people who glean
  • the trailer that this event takes place in smells like warm bodies and hand sanitizer
  • You really have to check for mold
  • The people who run it require a 16 hour a month volunteer commitment from members
  • I got a carton of rice milk, some sweet potatoes, oyster mushrooms, and two loaves of bread
  • There was some serious kick-back from a lot of the people we told. My hus-bland was convinced that this type of thing was rife with a seedy underbelly. What 'ev's duder, just get over it and eat that fancy bread I was able to get for less than a quarter...
Overall, I'm a fan. That kind of resourcefulness, anti-waste, and community oriented mentality is one that I love  and is worth promoting, I think. Recycling should be viewed from all angles.

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