Friday, June 22, 2012

Something Everyone Has: Friday

It seems like everyone has a "Favorites Things Friday" on their blog. 
I will not argue with the tradition. 
It's relatively quick (if you can avoid getting led down the suck hole that is The Internet),
it provides the reader with a quick entertaining list of items that may lead them to hours more of interesting items (therein allowing the writer of the blog to act as Kharon, leading the lost souls of her readers down to the darkest depths of the 5th dimension a.k.a The Digital Dimension), etc...
In the end, 
it acts as a whirlpool.
Soft, soothing, suction-y.
Go ahead.
Feel free to become suctioned down my whirlpool of tastefully curated internet fodder...

Variation on a classic

 In middle school I went to a Charter school that had red polo shirts as a part of their uniforms

At the top of my Christmas wish list

Smart way to spruce up champagne, because we all know it's just not fancy's essentially gutter swill

Ways to break my vegan resolve

Summer goal (well, that or, try to fit as many pop culture references into one breath of words as possible)

Absolutely LOVE this shoot of Emma Stone

My mother's relentless about my veganism...just the way she should be

and now,
to the weekend!

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